Monday, 17 November 2014


Toronto- -Toronto TV channels watched Remembrance Day with an extensive variety of creative programming at 11 am: 

CTV – The View 

CH TV – The Price is Right 

Omni – Montel 

City – John Walsh 

Worldwide – a narrative about the second world war in which Mackenzie King was imaginatively depicted talking with an English stress. 

Trust the left-inclining CBC and SRC to ruin the vibe by demonstrating a bundle of old fellows laying wreaths at some landmark. 


Washington- -American security authorities are requesting that rejection zones be secured in London amid "president" George W. Bosh's prospective state visit to the United Kingdom. 

"I need that ruler Charles out of any zone where I may need to twist over," Mr. Bosh is accounted for to have said. 

A representative for ruler Charles had taken a pledge of quiet. 


Toronto- -In today's civil decisions David Miller, the most leftwing of the significant contender for chairman of Toronto, has pushed out the most preservationist real applicant, John Tory, to turn into the new leader of Canada's city. 

Tory, a previous CEO of Rogers Cable, grumbled that "I could have won in the event that they'd acknowledged my arrangement for negative alternative voting. What's useful for Rogers Cable is useful for Canada- -simply ask the CRTC." 


New York- -The International Atomic Energy Agency has proclaimed that it has discovered no proof of an Iranian system to create atomic weapons. 

In Washington, American "president" George W. Bosh anounced that this discovering affirmed American suspicions. "These worldwide organizations said that Iraq had no weapons of mass devastation or arrangements to create any, which is the reason we needed to attack Iraq. Presently they've embroiled Iran also." 

In Pyongyang Kim Jong-Il communicated incredible worthlessness at his powerlessness to pull in American consideration. "We North Koreans have got Wmds up the wazoo," the Dear Leader proclaimed. "Be that as it may the US treats us as though we've got BO or something. That is to say, if the US needs a battle, we're prepared to go. What do we need to do.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New! Improved!

New! Improved! Is the third album by Blue Cheer, first released in March 1969 on Philips Records. It was re-released in 1999 by Italian indie label Akarma Records. The album features Randy Holden on guitar on side B. This is the only studio recording of Holden with Blue Cheer.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Austrocedrus is a genus of conifer belonging to the cypress family Cupressaceae. It has only one species, Austrocedrus chilensis, native to the Valdivian temperate rain forests and the adjacent drier steppe-forests of central-southern Chile and western Argentina from 33°S to 44°S latitude. It is known in its native area as Cipr├ęs de la Cordillera or Cordilleran Cypress, and elsewhere by the scientific name as Austrocedrus, or sometimes as Chilean Incense-cedar or Chilean Cedar.The generic name means "southern cedar".

It is a member of subfamily Callitroideae, a group of distinct southern hemisphere genera associated with the Antarctic flora. It is closely related to the New Zealand and New Caledonian genus Libocedrus, and some botanists treat it within this genus, as Libocedrus chilensis, though it resembles Libocedrus less than the other South American cypress genus Pilgerodendron does.

Monday, 10 November 2003


Toronto--In today's municipal elections David Miller, the most leftwing of the major candidates for mayor of Toronto, has edged out the most conservative major candidate, John Tory, to become the new mayor of Canada's metropolis.

Tory, a former CEO of Rogers Cable, complained that "I could have won if they'd accepted my plan for negative option voting. What's good for Rogers Cable is good for Canada--just ask the CRTC."

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New York--The International Atomic Energy Agency has announced that it has found no evidence of an Iranian program to develop nuclear weapons.

In Washington, American "president" George W. Bosh anounced that this finding confirmed American suspicions. "These international agencies said that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction or plans to develop any, which is why we had to invade Iraq. Now they've implicated Iran as well."

In Pyongyang Kim Jong-Il expressed great futility at his inability to attract American attention. "We North Koreans have got WMDs up the wazoo," the Dear Leader announced. "But the US treats us as if we've got BO or something. I mean, if the US wants a fight, we're ready to go. What do we have to do, bomb Tokyo?"